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International Women's Day, 2019


Ode to Pioneering Women 2018–2020

Hosier Lane, Melbourne


In 2018 I created Ode to Pioneering Women; an illustrative paste-up installation that celebrates the lives of radical women, while acknowledging the absence of monuments to women in the city of Melbourne and around the world. This installation highlights the historical achievements of women that go unrecognised in public space. 


The subjects for my paste-up are close to me; Narelle Grech (who passed in 2013) was my best friend and an activist and spokesperson for donor conceived people, and Alli Coster, a friend who embodies the inner strength and generosity of everyday women. 

In 2019 my ongoing monument series, Ode to Pioneering Women grew from depicting Narelle Grech and Alli Coster to representing five more women. 


These women include disability activist, journalist and comedian Stella Young, Indigenous community advocate & Yorta Yorta Elder, Aunty Pam, the first woman to stand for national parliament and Suffragette Vida Goldstein, Young Australian of the Year Merita Cheng and Equal Rights Activist Zelda D’Aprano.

In 2020 my monument series, Ode to Pioneering Women concluded with a final addition to the series, jazz singer, transgender and queer person of colour, Mama Alto.


My body, my consent

Hosier Lane, Melbourne

My body, my consent was inspired after I witnessed a relative forcibly shove her unwashed fingers in my 6 month old daughters mouth to search for emerging baby teeth. This artwork was for my daughter and all children. 


My body, my consent is a photographic paste up installed in Hosier Lane, with the help of my daughter, who at the time was almost 2 years old. The placement of this artwork is intentionally at a small child’s height, so that both installation and interaction of the artwork focuses on younger children. 


The aim of this work is to teach body autonomy in children and inspire adults to discuss consent with their kids. A child who knows that they are in control of their body is less likely to fall victim to sexual abuse, sexual assault and later intimate partner violence. They're also more likely to disclose any abusive events that should happen to them.  

Other participants and artworks

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