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International Women's Day, 2021

The kids are…ok

Hosier Lane, Melbourne


The kids are…ok explores the impact that the COVID 19 pandemic and the extended lockdowns in Melbourne, Australia have had on children. For social cognitive development, it is vital that children have opportunities for play and social interaction. 


By keeping children away from their peers, the negative impact is a reduction of social communication. Between 2020–21, numerous lockdowns meant that playgrounds, schools, kindergartens and childcare were closed. Therefore children missed out on crucial creative play with other children, which aids them in their ability to learn to empathise, compromise and manage emotions. 


The kids are…ok is a photographic paste up installed in Hosier Lane, with the help of my daughter who at the time was almost 4 years old. The placement of this artwork is intentionally at a small child’s height, so that both installation and interaction of the artwork focuses on younger children. 

Other participants and artworks

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