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Public Artwork

Light Pattern

Light Pattern, 2012

Şile, Turkey

Collaboration with Georgia Mill.


Light Pattern is a public art installation exploring the underwater life in Şile, Turkey. The work references the patterns and colours that appear on the lighthouse in Şile. Built in the 1800s, the lighthouse is still in use, casting light in a circular motion aiding the ships and vessels crossing the black sea. 


From the beaches in Şile, rocks and found objects are painted in the striking black and white stripe pattern. The objects then placed in the sea, photographed underwater on 35mm film in various locations around Şile.


In the marina at the site of a decommissioned ferry, the port windows echo the notion of the seeing eye of the lighthouse. For the group exhibition, Yansimalar: Reflections of Şile, the underwater photographs are installed in the port windows of the ferry. 


The use of film photography gives a painterly and dreamlike feel to the underwater installation, reflecting the feeling of the ocean being a window into another world.

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