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Public Artwork

Tapping into Green

Tapping into Green, 2011

Koo Wee Rup Regional Health Service, Koo Wee Rup

Collaboration with Narelle Grech.


Tapping Into Green is a sensory garden for residents, their families and staff at Koo Wee Rup Regional Health Service (KRHS), in Koo Wee Rup. 


For this project, it was imperative that the residents were a part of the creative process. The main goal was to engage with residents, and allow room for participation not only in the outcome, but in the building of components of the garden. 


The sensory garden is comprised of five aspects, the gazebo window with tactile abacus, the wooden wall with interactive tactile and musical mural (featuring creative contributions from residents) and the garden with areas of discovery featuring mosaics, sculptures and sensory elements. The reminiscence cupboard, located in the garden, is filled with pre-1970s domestic and personal objects for activities with residents, to stimulate memory and identity.


Media Release

It is widely recognised that the physical and social environment can have a significant effect on a person with dementia. The environment can support or disturb people with dementia, who may experience: impaired memory, reasoning and ability to learn; high levels of stress; and acute sensitivity to the built and social environments


Physical and social environments work together to support a caring culture within the organisation. This initiative supports the unique needs of the person living with dementia enabling them to have a comforting and supportive environment that will enhance their day to day experiences. 


Gardens designed specifically to support people with dementia provide therapeutic activities designed to maximise retained cognitive and physical abilities, lessen the confusion and agitation often associated with the condition.


The launch on March 30th at 2.30 pm of the Garden in Killara Hostels’ Bass unit has seen art and horticulture activities in the garden with families volunteers and artists Danielle Bain and Narelle Grech. The garden will provide both relaxing spots and create points of interest along the garden for the residents. 


Narelle Naismith

Teacher, Aged Care, Dementia and Manual Handling

Central Gippsland Institute of TAFE, (GippsTAFE)

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