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Public Artwork

Bridges to Harmony Mural

Bridges to Harmony Mural, 2019

Condell Park, Fitzroy


The Bridges to Harmony festival is held in recognition of World Harmony Day. The day aims to celebrate the diversity of Fitzroy, promote social inclusion, human rights and share what is common across cultures.


The Bridges to Harmony Mural is 5 metres in length, featuring human typography spelling ‘Harmony’. The mural was commissioned by the Fitzroy Learning Network in partnership with Yarra Libraries. 


During the festival, participants are invited to contribute to the mural by employing complete creative freedom, utilising a variety of painting techniques. 


The abstract expressionist technique of pouring and splashing paint (action painting) and using a variety of materials, created the immediate results. 


The ‘Harmony’ typography is masked during the painting process to be then removed when the paint is dry, revealing the finished work.


Participants are then invited to recreate the letters from the word ‘Harmony’ in front of the mural for photos. 

Photography credit Michael Russo and Kylie Carlson 

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